Premier Marketing Services of Florida is a consulting and marketing company geared to the Call Center Community. We offer total solutions for marketing, leads, script assistance and support. We also assist individuals with custom leads in whatever industry they work.

We custom generate leads (exclusive), sell targeted demographic data, live transfers, script development and training to help maximize your business sales.

We are here to help.

We focus our efforts helping the Call Center Industry with improving their bottom line including: Fresh Exclusive Leads, Targeted Demographic Data, Script Creation and Development, Training Staff, Consulting on New Products Mix and Developing NEW Sales Strategies and Cutting-Edge Programs that will drive sales.

Call Centers Owners and Managers who are looking to get higher and better returns on their sales will benefit the most from our services.

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Services We Provide

Exclusive Final Expense Leads

Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads

Trained Live Agents

Live And Callback Leads

Targeted Demographic Data

Script Development And Assistance

On Site Training And Support

Create Custom Marketing Campaigns


Our live agents are trained and educated in American English. They are trained to provide the best targeted qualified leads to your exact requirements. We work with you to create the PERFECT PITCH and you gain the benefits – A PERFECT LEAD – TO YOUR EXACT SPECIFICS. Can be live transferred to you or scheduled call back when you are available.


We have access to multiple databases with over 500 targeted fields over the entirety of the United States of America. You can choose your own targeted clients or allow us to pick based on whatever requirements you have to draw a specific potential clientele list. Age, gender, demographic area, income, hobby, postal code, homeowner, renter… all fields are available. These databases are updated monthly so they will always have the latest and most recent contact information. Aged targeted lead data is also available.


Whatever type or qualification of lead you require, we will deliver a better, more interested lead to you. We NEVER mislead or misdirect a potential lead. Parameters and controls are established and QC (Quality Control) is in place to ensure that only leads that have an interest in your product or service are delivered to you. EXCLUSIVE LIVE TRANSFER -Scheduled Call Back- CUSTOMIZED Leads in any form can be created for you using your requirements.


We will work with you to improve your current script, create a new custom tailored script to your product or service or tweak and consolidate existing scripts or sales pitches to maximize their sales potential, eliminating unnecessary wording, redundancy or off sales topic.

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Premier Marketing Services of Florida is a Consulting and Marketing Company geared to the Call Center Industry.